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IST MSLIS Student Guide

This guide is configured like a Frequently Asked Questions list. There is a series of questions below and they each link to a page with an answer.

The goal of this document is to present words of wisdom from iSchool students, staff, and faculty to help those just starting with the program with some of the processes involved in being a distance students. Much of what you see here is already in various Web sites, forms, booklets, Facebook groups, and other documents, but it’s collected in one place here to help you find your answers more quickly.

Please note - this is a Wiki, so students can change the content that is here. Because of this, you should consider information here to be equivalent to something you hear in an informal discussion. Before making important decisions based upon this information, confirm it with the proper authority.

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iSchool faculty and staff may edit these questions and answers as needed. If something does not seem correct, please e-mail Jill Hurst-Wahl, MSLIS Program Director, at