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What's going on in the MSLIS program?

While the Student_Guide is in a question-answer format, this is a topical listing of areas discussed by the faculty and staff of IST about the MSLIS program.

FPAG Minutes

View the minutes of the Faculty Program Advisory Group here in chronological order. This group meets regularly to discusses policy and curriculum issues with the Library and Information Science program director.

LIS Town Hall Meetings

The LIS program established Town Hall meetings in the Fall 2007 semester to give students an opportunity to bring concerns and talk directly with the program director and faculty about the LIS program. Records of these meetings are available here beginning with the Spring 2008 meeting.

Student Concerns

What concerns have students brought before FPAG and how have these concerns been addressed?

Library Updates

The iSchool has a librarian liaison from Syracuse University libraries who periodically updates the school on new developments at the library. These updates are included here.


Information on current MSLIS policy issues and ideas for new policies suggested by faculty.


Decisions and policies related specifically to MSLIS curriculum changes.


Information about the history of the MSLIS program and the decisions that shaped its course.