MSLIS Advising Guide

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MSLIS Advising Handbook

For those advising students in the MSLIS and the CAS/DL programs.

The goal of this document is to explain the course sequence and the role different courses play in the MSLIS and CAS/DL curricula. In addition, basic assumptions about scheduling and layouts for advising students are also presented.

Note: This document is designed to accompany the MSLIS program handbook. In case of conflict between these two documents, the handbook has precedence. Due to the nature of a wiki, this document is not considered to be the final word; it is suggested that students confirm decisions with an advisor.

– Scott Nicholson, MSLIS Program Director


Makeup of Student Body

MSLIS Core Course Selection

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Libraries

Typical Flow of Coursework

Recommended Course Sequence

School Media Programs

MSLIS & CAS/DL Joint Program

Selecting Electives

WISE and other non-Syracuse courses

Waitlist Procedures

Internship Timing



Other Advising Tips